Artist Statement:

This series of work derives from original “Glamour” photos made (of me) during a 1996 performance at the Boston Woolworth’s store. Conceptually, the work continues the tradition of the self-portrait into the digital age. A transformed image of my face changes both your and my fantasy of who “I” am. In the Vanitas, my identity blends with that of the viewer, as you search through my features to find your own in the mirror, while possibly comtemplating “making up” yourself at the same time. Alteration and defacement open up the disguise of my “integrated” self, and give you an invitation to enter through the ruptures. You can be in my face if I can be in yours.

The images recall the shifting or decentered forms of identity in cyberspace, where the electronic body assumes a face created for the moment only. These images have been extensively manipulated on the computer, then printed as digital monotypes by altering and defacing them in various ways, overprinting, and painting with acrylic ink. Several images are sandwiched with silicone to create a translucent, double-sided image. My intention is to use the process in a way that invites risk, to incorporate the contingent, the chaotic, l’informal.