Photographic Text exists simultaneously as thought, symbol, sign and referent an accessible, tangible, and manipulatable communication of the visual semiotic. Internalized latent imaging emphasizes the multiplicity of meaning beyond the image captured in silver halide. Photographic Text supersedes traditional imagery, leaving the technical process and bare visual cues, meaning you are to glean, learn, infer, ponder, question, and/or enjoy. The information in each image is directly presented and invariable for each viewer. However, what is done with that information revolves around the individual’s imagination, education, preferences, and socialization. These image concepts are processed by each individual in a variety of ways: creation of latent images in the mind, association with past experiences or knowledge, daydreams into the subconscious, application of known structure, addition of knowledge, questioning of current systems, or rejection of what was seen. It is in this way that the ‘photographic image,’ latent and subjective to each viewer, becomes what that viewer chooses it to be, instead of the photograph dictating universal value.

Susan E. Evans received her MFA in photography from Cornell University in 1994 where she moved from minimalist colorfields to working with text. Having started working with photography at the age of eight, Susan has experimented with different formats, subjects, processes and techniques. Susan E. Evans shows nationally and is represented by The Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York City, by Rule Modern and Contemporary Gallery in Denver, and can be seen on as part of The Denver Photo Salon. She is represented in both public and private collections across the country. Susan lectures, curates, participates in panel discussions and has taught a variety of photography courses on a collegiate level.