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Art Works!

CEPA Gallery invites artist to submit proposals for its Art Works! National Artist Residency Program. This opportunity is open to all non-matriculated artists working in photo-based or digital media.

Typically CEPA awards (4) four 4-8 week Art Works! residencies per calendar year. Artists are encouraged to complete their residency during the months of May-September, however CEPA Gallery can accommodate residencies year round and is committed to remaining flexible to artists needs. Art Works! Resident Artists are provided with an honorarium, production/fabrication expenses and housing and transportation costs. The amounts are contingent on funding levels and depend on the duration of the residency and project requirements.

Art Works! Resident artists are expected use their time to start or continue a body of work.
Exhibition opportunities are attached to the residencies but are optional and at the discretion of the artists. Art Works! Resident Artist are also expected to have limited interaction with CEPA's education department.

During their residency artists will have unlimited access to CEPA's off-site artists' studio loft
(a fully equipped studio and apartment) as well as CEPA's on-site darkroom and digital imaging facility. With state-of-the-art equipment, professional assistance, and funding, this residency initiative will provide artists with a significant opportunity and focused period of time to devote solely to their professional artistic development.

To apply artists should submit:

CEPA's studio space