InCUBATE is looking for anyone who would like to help us make soup during the opening weekend of Conversation Pieces. Helping could mean anything from chopping vegetables to contributing a recipe.  If you would like to help out, email us at

If you would like to run your own Soup during the exhibition, get in touch with us and we'll help coordinate. Hosting your own Soup could involve just cooking and selling soup to organizing additional activities around it.  After food reimbursements, all proceeds will go towards the final Soup Grant.

Chicago-based collectives InCUBATE (Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and The Everyday) and Material Exchange, together with architect Adam Bobbette, will temporarily transplant themselves to Buffalo and collaborate with each other and local non-profit Buffalo Re-Use to build out CEPA's FLUX Gallery as an evolving and performative installation called "Repair Shop." The Repair Shop will be realized through various projects each considering the notion of repair broadly and metaphorically (an object repair service, a temporary space for non-profit use, a soup kitchen that generates money for artist projects) while working to raise funds that will be distributed at a closing event in the form of an artist grant.

Objects are, for the most part, designed with a specific function in mind. It is often within this designated function that we determine a thing's identity, that we spy upon its basic ontology. Yet so often things "break" (fall apart, peter out, decay, lose steam, or simply change). It is at the breaking point that we cease to take such objects and our relationship to them for granted? We consider this state a critical one: when an ontological shift is possible and necessary. In addition to a physical rupture, there is a different and more robust kind of 'opening'. Our Repair Shop service will take your 'broken' things and 'repair' them on-site and for a small fee. All fees acquired will be added to the Soup Grant pool and distributed at the Closing Events. Bring us your broken things...