Learning at CEPA Gallery

When students come to CEPA, they see examples of a variety of historic and contemporary photographs. They discuss these works with their classmates and are encouraged to share their interpretations of what the photo is trying to convey. Throughout this process students learn the essential elements of art—composition, line, balance, texture, perspective, shape, form, space, rhythm and contrast—concepts that are often new, but that transfer naturally to other areas of learning. They begin to think about and see these things while capturing their world using black and white film cameras, digital cameras, and paint can pinhole cameras. Students also learn how chemistry works to produce a photograph as they watch their images come to life in the darkroom. They learn to manipulate and change the appearance and meaning of their photographs using Photoshop in CEPA’s computer lab. Students learn more about their city and environment as they visit sites throughout Buffalo with their cameras. They learn that everyone sees the world differently and has their own unique perspective. Most importantly, students learn how to express themselves in a new way, and are taught that what they have to say is important—whether it be in words or images.

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