Highgate Heights P.S. 80 Partnership

Since 2006, CEPA has partnered with Highgate Heights, working in many grade levels with many projects. Photography and creative writing in the 4:1:1 class, Mapping Community in the 4th grade. Picturing Poetry (our collaborative Writing with Light program with Just Buffalo Literary Center) in the 5th grade. Historical self-portraits with 7th grade. Video projects with the 8th grade. In addition we formed a news club and students from all grade levels participate in taking photos and writing stories for a school newsletter. With CEPA’s assistance, 7th and 8th grade students create their own yearbook. Teachers also participate: For Visions of Highgate teachers are given film cameras to photograph their lives outside of school to share with the Highgate community. A fall exhibit at the school brings lots of excitement and discussion among students and teachers. Teachers also have their photos taken with their favorite childhood book. READ posters are made and put up around the school to encourage students to read.