Past Exhibitions 1974 - 1995

The Metro Bus Show program is expanded to include installations at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. CEPA begins Education Programming.

Exhibitions: Light & Representation—Members’ Exhibition • Explaining The Explainable (Not Just Art)—Bonnie Gordon • Remembrance of Love—Christopher Nickard • In Search of the Pleasure Principle—Cora Cohen, Joan Curtis, James Baker Hall, Ann A. Johnson, Rod Lazorik, Frank Noelker, Michael O’Brien, John Pfahl, Felicity Rich, Elise Mitchell Sanford, Thomas Tulis, Kathy Vargas, Jo Whaley • The Exile Project—Yuri Marder • New Work—Josh Iguchi • The Return—Sylvia de Swaan • Face to Face with the Bomb: Unveiling America’s Nuclear Arsenal—Paul Shambroom • Camera & Light—Annual Members’ Exhibition; 75 Artists Satellite Exhibitions: Watershed Investigations—Mark Abrahamson (Campos) • The Lakeview Project, 23 youths from the Lakeview 63 Housing Project (Campos, UB Center for Tomorrow & Buffalo Community Partnership) • In Years with 12 Months—Nathaniel Brockman (Campos) • The Memory is a Muscle—Matthew Lincoln (Campos) • Diptychs; Sequences; Landscapes—Gwen Akin and Allan Ludwig (Campos) • Historic Images from Western New York— Various 20th Century Photographers (Niagara Outlet Mall) Bus Shows: Seduction—Advanced Undergraduates in UB’s Photography Program • Parkside Community Association Summer Arts Program • Just Buffalo Literary Center Writer-In-Education Project Public Art Projects: Keepers of the Western Door, Edgar Heap of Birds (Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Metro Rail Stations, Metro Buses, Main Place Mall) • Jean Lamarr Visiting Artists: Bonnie Gordon • Matthew Isaac Schwonke • Gerald Mead • Gary Nickard • Lucy Lippard • Kathleen Campbell • Gwen Akin and Allan Ludwig • Sylvia de Swaan • Paul Shambroom • Margo Machida Film and Video: Six Films from Kapital—Keith Sanborn • La Nina, La Pinta and The Santa Maria & Lost Tribe—Pia Cseri-Briones and others from Visual Studies Workshop • Brownsnow—Carl Brown • Up to the South—Walid Ra’ad and Jayce Salloum • Body In Question—Barbara Sternberg • Two—Kika Thorne, Mike Hoolboom • Open Letter: Grasp the Bird’s Tail— Brenda Joy Lem • Private Property (Public Domain)— Shellie Fleming • Beating—Barbara Sternberg • Power and Desire ’95: Off The Margins [eight films by gay and lesbian artists of color]—Karim Ainouz, Jamika Ajalon, Yau Ching, Shari Frilot, Thomas Allen Harris, Quentin Lee, Charles Loften, Luciana Moreira, Lily Marnell • Visions of Empowerment— O. Funmilayo Makarah • Super 8 Filmmaker—Luther Price • Shades and Spirits— independent films by African-American Women (with Hallwalls) • New French Experimental Films—Yann Beauvais Education Programs: The Lakeview Project Exhibition—taken by youth from the Lakeview Housing Projects as part of CEPA’s pilot educational photography program • CEPA/BMHA Education Program, Lakeview Housing Development • CEPA BMHA Education Program, public housing developments in North Buffalo • CEPA Education Program—Native American youth from Buffalo’s west side • The North End—North Buffalo public housing.
CEPA holds its Second Biennial Photography Art Auction.

Exhibitions: Personal Quests: Contemporary Color Practice—Jane Calvin, Jean-Jacques Dicker, Jennifer Edwards, Rosalie Favell, Robert Goss, Toni Hafkenscheid, Laura Letinsky, Linda Robbennolt, Brent Smith, Dia Stolnitz • Looking Commercial: Selection of Studio Owners from Western New York—Jim Bush, James Cavanaugh, Robert Collingnon, Neal Davis, Tony DeAngelo, Frank Duffy, David Gordon, Biff Henrich, Robert Hirsch, Jim Jarosz, Anthony Lojacono, Mike Meyers, Mark Murphy, Bob Scott • Keepers of the Western Door— Nora Noranjo-Morse, Rosalie Favell, Richard Whitman, Anabel Wong, Rebecca Belmore, Jesse Cooday, Patricia Deadman, Rosalie Favell, Keith Goldstein, Rick Hill, George Longfish, Larry McNeil, Shelley Niro, Jolene Rickard, B. Houle, Greg Staats, Jeffrey Thomas, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, Barry White, Phil Young • The Shampoo Room—John Valentino • Scenes from an Urban Chicano Experience—Miguel Gandert • Rituals: Social Identity/A View from Within—Zig Jackson, Melissa Ann Pinney, Jocelyn Lee, Dinh Q. Lê, Catherine Allport, Fay P. Fairbrother, Keith Gemerek • Second Biennial Photography Art Auction Preview Exhibition Satellite Exhibitions: Keepers of the Western Door (Campos) • Void—Steven T. Skopic (Campos) • The Calendar Pictures—Carol Selter (Campos) Bus Shows: Keepers of the Western Door—George Longfish and Jesse Cooday • Children from the Parkside Community Summer Arts Program • Racing Through History—Fern Logan • You Are What You Are, Honey—Yau Ching Visiting Artists: Robert Goss • Toni Hafkenscheid • Jolene Rickard • Zack Stiglitz Film and Video: Northern Exposures: Recent Canadian Experimental Films (Albright-Knox)— Carl Brown, Bruce Elder, Barbara Sternberg, Michael Hoolboom • Eight Short Films—introduced by Gary Popovich; Garine Torossian, Wirk Mead, Dirk Debruyn, Valerie Teresko, Ellie Epp, Ann Marie Flemming, David Rimmer • Zack Stiglitz.
Robert Hirsch becomes director. CEPA completes major Bus Show project for International Festival of the Image: Montage ’93 (Rochester, NY—thirteen buses). CEPA receives first Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation grant.

Exhibitions: Juchitan: A Town of Women—Graciela Iturbide • Mona Jimenez • Joseph Scheer • Elizabeth Davis • The Ballet Di.Gi. Tal Suite—Connie Coleman and Alan Powell • Point and Shoot II—Patti Ambrogi, Joann Marie Brennan, Steven A. Heller, Heidi Lee Kellner, Gilbert Kwong, Karen Rodewald, Adina Sabghir, Judy Sanchez, Wallace Wilson • 50 Years of Silence: Memory and Loss—Tatana Kellner • Discarded Photos—EIDIA (Paul Lamarre and Melissa Wolf) • Bearing Witness— Debra Goldman • Amy K. Jenkins Satellite Exhibitions: On Fixing Some Important Shadows in Buffalo, New York—Robin Tressler Bus Shows: Reflection/Reflection— UB Advanced Undergraduate Students • International Festival of the Image: Montage ’93 (Rochester, NY— thirteen buses)—EIDIA (Paul Lamarre and Malissa Wolf), Gail Rebhan, Bebe Williams, James Prez, Pat Bacon, Fern Logan, Yau-Ching, Ann Lovett, Hallie Levine, Rebecca Graves, Jennette Williams, Suliaman Ellison, David Harrod • Keepers of the Western Door for the World University Games—Tuscarora: Patricia Deadman, Onondaga: Eric Gansworth, Seneca/Tuscarora: George Longfish, Tuscarora: Jolene Rickard, Seneca: Alan Jamieson, Tlinget: Jesse Cooday, Seminole/Creek/ Dine: Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, Cherokee/Oklahoma: Shan Goshorn • Green Bus Exhibition—Natural Resources: Visual Metaphors—Judy Sanchez and Tom Weber, Through the Eyes of a Water Well Driller…an Environmental Statement—Robert J. Holland, Modernlife Refuge—Connie Bigelow, SUNY Brockport students of Brent Scott Visiting Artists: Mona Jimenez • Joseph Scheer • Connie Coleman and Alan Powell • Tatana Kellner • Paul Lamarre and Melissa Wolf • Woo Young Kim • Eduardo Cortils • Maria Zorriqueta • Diane Bush • Ilse Gassinger • Jaclyn Shoub • Rafaelo Kazakov • Jolene Rickard.Film and Video: Short Films of Brazil (Albright Knox).
CEPA receives $55,000 NEA Advancement Grant for organizational stabilization. CEPA holds its first biennial photography art auction.

Exhibitions: Point and Shoot, curated by Robert Hirsch and David Harrod—Terry Towery, Judy Sanchez, Jennette Williams, Carol Glauber, David Pace, Matthew Marvin, Frank White, Beth Lantgen, Mel Rosenthal, Dennis Olanzo Callwood, Sulaiman Ellison, Louis M. Squillace, Linda Raskin, Annette Fournet, Lil Friedlander, K. Johnson Bowles, Mark Sheinkman, Blair Ruth Rainey, Hanneke Van Velzen • Viewpoint—Duncan Bethel, Terrie Ford, Bridgette Robinson, Curtis Robinson, Flora Shack, Jeanette Shropshire, Clarence Washington, John Dugdale; Steven Morrison • Third Annual Amiga Art Exhibition—curated by Andrew Deutsch and Matthew McElligott; Denis Dale, Joseph Scheer, Michael Schell, Spencer Cromie, Steinar Rosenberg, Wojeciech Bruszewski • John Paradiso • Willyum Rowe • Ana Maria Hidalgo • Stephen Morrison • John Dugdale • Vestigial Remains—Sigrid Casey • Sammy Watso (Native American Fellowship Winner) • Alters of Earth—Smith Dudley Satellite Exhibitions: Short Stories—Julia Millis (Campos) • CEPA Point and Shoot (Campos) • Looking At Animals—Terry Towery (Campos) • Natural Resources: Visual Metaphors—Judy Sanchez and Tom Weber (Campos) • Richard Kaplan (Campos) Bus Shows: Jeanne Victor • African Mosaics—Sulaiman Ellison • Off the Deep End—Jeannette Williams • Michelle Bradt • The Bill of Rights—Pete Herzfeld Visiting Artists: Robert Hirsch • Willyum Rowe • Phyllis Galembo Film and Video: Power and Desire—Experimental Lesbian and Gay Filmmakers • Grapholetti—Francoise Thomas • Ballad of Reading Goal—Richard Kwietniowski • 1969—Jerry Tartaglia • First Comes Love—Su Friedrich • The Right to Love—Carl Michael George • Relax— Chris Newby • Spin Cycle—Aarin Burch • The Love Monster—Maria Maggenti • Identities—Nino Rodriguez • Needle Nightmare—Phil Zwickler • Coiled—Zack Stiglicz (Albright-Knox) • La Nina, la Pinta, and the Santa Maria; Tapas • A Place of their Own • Till Somebody Loves You • A Leaf Falls—Pia Cseri-Briones.
CEPA changes mission statement to formally recognize underrepresented cultural perspectives. CEPA commits to organizing a large-scale fundraiser—planning begins on a benefit auction.

Exhibitions: Elite Health Network—Kristin Peterson • Photographs of Widely Known Non-Existent Beings— Kathleen Campbell • Touch—Margaret Randall • Fragments from the Other Side—curated by Amalia Cordova; Claudia Perez, Sergio Perez, Evelyn Ruman • Uncensored Posters—Rochester Artists Coalition Against Censorship (Sixty Artists) • Island Journey—Charles Biasiny-Rivera • Dis-Ease—John Paradiso • Lorna Simpson • Survival of the Fittest—Heather Mattinson • Second Annual Amiga Show—Carol Kinne, Shalom Gorewitz, Gary Hesse, Nikisha E. Vanderhoeven, Sharon Burke, Florence Ormezzeno, Ahmed Omar Balfakih, and twenty-five other artists • MINUS/PLUS: Altered Photographic Images—Gary Stanton • Adrienne Salinger • Genny Pickett • Eastern Stream—Liz Boettger Satellite Exhibitions: Simple Gifts—Judy Sanchez and Tom Weber (Campos) • Annual Members’ Exhibition— Donna Jordan Dusel, Christine Russo, J. Michael Sheeler, Lynette Miller Hamister, Eileen Sullivan, R.H. Stamps, Alison Kurek, Daniel Lee Crapo, David Clark, Louise Genetti, Ruth E. Heintz, Alfonso Volo, Melissa Grainger, John Paradiso, Kathleen Campbell, Eric Jensen, Sean P. Zoll, Peter Babula, Cheryl Jackson, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie (Campos) • Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie (Campos) • Ed Sobala (Campos) • Craig Klose (Campos) Bus Shows: The Secret of Seque—Lynn Devlin •Surveillance— Blaise Tobia • Overlapping Strategies—David Harrod • Parallax—Kelly McFadden • Valuable Knowledge—Matt McElligott Visiting Artists: Craig Centrie • Louis Klahr 62 • Kathleen Campbell • Barbara Hammer • Lourdes Portillo • Charles Biasiny-Rivera • Lorna Simpson • Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie • Laura Cano • Genny Pickett • Liz Boettger Film and Video: Tales of the Forgotten Future—Louis Klahr • Films by Barbara Hamme— Barbara Hammer • Selections from the Fourth Annual New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival— curated by Lawrence Brose featuring Eye to Eye—Isabel Hegner, Stop the Church—Robert Hilferty, Fear of Disclosure—Phil Zwickler and David Wojnarowicz, Viva Eu! [Long Live Me]—Tania Cypriano, Mike’s Film—David John Lamble, 1970 & 1971 Gay Pride Marches— Marguerite Paris, I got This Way from Kissing Girls—Julie Butler, Dreams of Passion—Aarin Burch, A Valentine for Nelson—Jim Hubbard, Final Solutions—Jerry Tartaglia • Contemporary African-American Filmmakers, co-sponsored by Ujima Theater Company, curated by Coco Fusco and organized by the Gallery Association of New York State—Hairpiece: A Film For Nappyheaded People—Ayoka Chenzira, Tongues Untied—Marlon Riggs, Illusions—Julie Dash • Films by Chicana Artists— Esperanza Vaquez, Frances Salome-Espana, Osa Hidalgo De La Roiva, Debbie Lee Sanchez, Lurdes Portillo • The DMS Show—students from the Department of Media Studies at UB • Tibet Film and Video Festival—The History and Culture of Tibet – Films and Videos from 1937–1991—The Year of Tibet Western New York Organizing Committee, curated by Martin McGee • (Kidlat Tahimik in person) presented by CEPA, Hallwalls and Squeaky Wheel.
Exhibitions: Chile: Seen from Within, curated by Sheila Pinkel—Paz Errazuriz, Helen Hughes, Marcelo Montecino, Eduardo Nunez, Felipe Orrego, Sergio Parr, Luis Weinstein, Lille Y Toulouse, Oscar Wittke, Esther Bubley • Trajectories—Helene Hourmat • The Man In The Street—Ken Miller • Derivatives—recent work from CEPA Amiga Workshops • Threshold Procedures—Michael West, Virocode, Kristin Peterson, Peter Panetta, Thomas Mulligan, David Maas, Flexoid, Gabrielle Bouliane • Then What?—Carrie Mae Weems • Carl Weidemann (performance) Satellite Exhibitions: Edie Bresler (Campos) • Painted Photographs— Katherine Kreisher (Campos) • Passages—Michael Gibbs (Campos) Bus Shows: Stretch and Tone—Diane Bush • Robin Tressler • Busz Words: Public Art from L.A.—Cheryl Gaulke, Karen Atkinson, Sandra Govin, Mark Greenfield, Dolores Guenero-Cruz, Li Huai, Kerr + Malley, Susan King, Beverly Naidus, Mark Niblock, Kathleen O’Reilly, Jesus Perez, Sheila Pinkel • Narrative Photograms—Peter Goin • Views of Europe—Bill Arnold • People In Environments—Jane Alden Stevens • Recent Work—Lorna Beiber Visiting Artists: Esther Bubley • Orlagh Mulcahy • Emily Breer • Ken Miller • Carrie Mae Weems • Omobowale Ayorinde • Marion Ware • Sylvie Poirier Film and Video: Portraits—Alia Syed (Germany), Vicki Adams (England), Matthias Mueller (Germany), Gina Czanecki-Gables (England), Jean Mathee (Ireland), Orlagh Mulcahy (England) • Emily Breer • A Day Without Art—Video Against Aids • Spatial Depth and Spastic Death—Carl Weidemann • Films from the London Filmmakers Coop—Michael Maziere; Moira Sweeney, Anna Thew, Tina Keane • The DMS Show • Pressure—Harold Ove • Feel The Fear—Mary Fillipo Artist Publications: Then What? Photographs and Folklore—Carrie Mae Weems.
Exhibitions: Digital Image: A Closer Look, curated by John Hiester—Steve Bonnett, Howard Cohen, Patrick DeRose, Dave Ellis, Isabella S. L. Green, Howard Greenhalgh, Jamie Houk, Terry Hylton, Peter Kavanagh, Robert Keough, Darrell Pockett, Dale Sloat, John Solowski, Michael Teres, Brian Tregidden, David Wagner, Douglas Whitehouse • Materiality—curated by James Welling; Nancy Barton, Laurel Beckman, Don Corman, Jeanne Dunning, Rodney Graham, Monique Safford, Christopher Williams • Images; The Doll House; Acroba/ poli/tics—Judite Dos Santos • Buffalo Shoot— Annual Members’ Exhibition • Eureka!—Cork Marcheski • Duende!, curated by Gary Nickard—Charles Biasiny- Rivera, Rafael Goldchain, Ricardo Salcedo, Andres Serrano • New British Photography, curated by Linda Cathcart—Victor Burgin, Susan Butler, Callum Colvin, Peter Fraser, Paul Graham, Susan Hiller, Mari Mahr, Ron O’Donnell, Martin Paar, Boyd Webb, Richard Wentworth, Verdi Yahooda • Digital Photography: Captured Imagery/Volatile Memory/New Montage, curated by Jim Pomeroy and Marnie Gillett—Michael Brodsky, Carol Flax, Christopher Burnett, Ed Tannenbaum, Esther Parada, Paul Berger, George Legrady, Manual (Suzanne Bloom and Ed Hill), Alan Rath, Sheila Pinkel • Essential Contact—curated by Ingrid Pollard; Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Gilbert John, Rhona Harriette, Joy Kahumbu, Mumtaz Karimjee, Roshini Kempado, Mohan Mistry, Robert Taylor, Peter Vinaik • In The Ring—curated by Jenny Mckenzie; Ingrid Pollard, Claudette Johnson, Geraldine Walsh, Simone Alexander • Interim Part I; Corpus—Mary Kelly Satellite Exhibitions: New Work—Lauren Tent (Campos) • Katherine Kreisher (Campos) • Endgame— Richard Baim (Campos) • Myth Today—Richard Bolton (Campos) • Joint CEPA/El Museo Francisco Oller y Diego Rivera Exhibition—curated by Craig Centrie (Campos) Bus Shows: Recent Work—Cheryl St. George • Fred Ciminelli • Preparing the Body: Pathogenic Equations— Virocode—Andrea Mancuso/Peter D’Auria • What Is Sexy—Craig Ziper • Image Maps—Bonnie Gordon (subway stations) • Kristin Peterson Visiting Artists: James Welling • Judite Dos Santos • Chen Mei • Stan Brakhage Film and Video: Western New York Film Forum—Kevin Fix, Eric Jensen, Julie Zando, Peter Babula John Hand • Films and Lecture—Stan Brakhage • Hyacinth Fire—Lawrence Brose with live music from the Buffalo New Music Ensemble • People from The People’s Republic of China • Joan Strommer • Bruce Baille.
Gail Nicholson becomes director. CEPA receives Arts Organization Award from the Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County.

Exhibitions: Curator’s Choice: The Photographer’s Mind, curated by Deborah Willis—Omobowale Ayorinde, Millie Burns, Leonard Byrd, Albert Chong, Joan Eda, Collette Fournier, Tyrone Georgiou, Francis Giles, Todd Gray, Thomas Harris, Leroy Henderson, Raymond Holman, Ozier Muhammad, John Pinderhughes, Cyril Ryan, Jeffery Scales, Coreen Simpson, Clarissa Sligh, Jamyl O. Smith • Imagined Documents—Robert Collignon, Lejaren Hiller, David Levinthal • Photems—a collaborative project between Rimma Gerlovina, Mark Berghash, Valeriy Gerlovin • The Whole Hole—Joe Babcock • Stereo Views—Jim Pomeroy • Neither Nor: A Primer—Marion Faller • A Sense of Rasta—Omobowale Ayorinde • Merci Gonaives—Danny Lyon • Personal, Political Observations—Pat Ward Williams • Adventure in Technos Dystopium: Popular Natural Philosophy—Orshi Drozdik • On Britain’s Doorstep—Stephen Shortt Satellite Exhibitions: Techno-Roomscapes—Frank Luterek (Campos) • Considerable Situations—Jim Pomeroy (Campos) • American Color—Traveling Exhibition (Campos) • The Way We See It: Native Photographers—Jesse Cooday, Denise Deadman, Rick Hill, Jolene Rickard, Gregory Stevens (Campos) • SPE/N.A. Graduate Exhibition (UB’s Bethune Gallery) • Sophie Rivera (UB) • Anne Barnard (Campos) • Synthesis of Form—Alice Wojtczak (Campos) Bus Shows: Image Maps—Bonnie Gordon (subway stations) • Smile Please—Kerr + Malley • Fables of the Major Food Groups—Jim Jipson • The Bus Show—Villa Marie College Students • Auto Plant—Dom Battistella • Ed Sobala Visiting Artists: Deborah Willis • David Levinthal • Rimma Gerlovnia and Valeriy Gerlovin • Jim Pomeroy • Mary Filippo • Anne Turyn • Stephen Shortt • Orshi Drozdik • Cultural Perceptions: A Forum for Imagemakers with Diverse Cultural Perspectives Film and Video: The Generic Show—Kevin Fix • Yann Beauvais • Water—Alan Sondheim • Contemporary Women Filmmakers—Su Friedrich, Holly Fisher, Bette Gordon, Mary Filippo • San Francisco’s Video Tour de Force—Scott Alexander, Ron Ryder, Chuck Z., John Martin, Alan Lande, Arda Ishkanian, Leslie Singer, Kurt Lundblad, Ken Reyes, Down Kelly and John Norwood, Lisa Swenson, Ivar Smedstad, Matias Jaramillo, Gina Lamb, Marshall Weber, Steve Paar, M.J. Wilson, Phil Patiris, Ben Britton, Craig Baldwin, George Hampton • Avant Garde Film Festival • Native American Topics • Where is Refuge?—Bill Jungles • Warriors: Honoring Native American Veterans of the Vietnam War—Deb Wallwork.
Exhibitions: Geno Rodriguez • Vestigial Remains—Sigrid Casey • Altars of Earth—Smith Dudley • Not After the Fact—Kaspar Thomas Linder • Photoworks—Robert C. Morgan • Fariba Hajamadi • Enthusiasm—Barbara Lattanzi • Riding First Class on the Titanic—Nathan Lyons • Vision of Strength & Coming into Power—Shan Goshorn • Untitled Still Lifes—Laurie Neaman • Sexual Difference: Both Sides of the Camera, guest curated by Abigail Solomon-Godeau—Richard Baim, Sarah Charlesworth, Imogene Cunningham, Dorit Cypis, Connie Hatch, Peter Hujar, Louis Lawler, Sherry Milner, Diane Neumaier, Richard Prince, Jo Spence, Baron Von Golden, Francesca Woodman • Assimilation/Isolation, curated by Anita Douthat—Michael Ach, Miguel Gandert, Carol Guzy, Hanh Thi Pham, Edgar Heap of Birds, Kayoko Shibata- Medlin, Ki Ho Park, Meridel Rubenstein, Richard Ray, Judith Sedgwick, Kaz Tsuchikawa, Richard Turner, Mihoko Yamagata • Ripple of Thunder!—The History of Black Motorcyclists In America—Collette Fournier and Adolph Dupree • Tableau Morte—Gwen Akin and Allan Ludwig Satellite Exhibitions: A Whiter Shade of Pale—Patty Wallace (Campos) • New Work— Daniel Calleri (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • The Pleasures of Childhood—Clarissa Sligh (Artists Gallery) • Untitled—Fern Logan (Artists Gallery) • Selections— Christopher Nickard (Greater Buffalo Chamber of Commerce) • New Work—Thomas Payne (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • New Work—Madonna Dunbar (Campos) • Portrait of Buffalo II Artists in Residence— Peter Jemison, Richard Ray, Fern Logan, Sophie Rivera • Ken Welgoss (Campos) • Anne Barnard (Campos) Bus Shows: Landmarks Series—Peter Iverson • Supermom Comic Part II—Mary Ellen Matisse • Experimental Photography…The Extinction of the Guinea Pig—Kristin Reed • Scenes of the Crime—Christopher Nickard (subway stations) • Socialeyezation—Frank Luterek • Personal Effects—Lynette Hamister • Power, Fear and Beauty—Biff Henrich (subway stations) • What’s the Point—Meredith Allen • Socialeyezation—Frank Luterek • Synthesis of Form—Alice Wojtczak Visiting Artists: Gwen Akin and Allen Ludwig • Nathan Lyons • Fariba Hajamadi • Shan Goshorn • Geno Rodriguez • Abigail Solomon-Godeau • G. Peter Jemison • Richard Ray Whitman • Fern Logan • Sophie Rivera Western New York Filmmakers’ Forum: Madison Filmmakers Collaborative—Chris O’Dowd, Ken Kerst, Maggie MacIntosh, D.W. Wanberg, Steve Wursterlund • Lens Considerations: New Video from COLAB • Robert Doyle • Mark Swetland • Paul Dickinson, Michael Hamilton, Biff Henrich, Henry Jesionka, Ken Rowe, Lewis Klahr, Mark Frischman, Eric Jensen, Terry Klein, Barbara Lattanzi, Paul Sharits • Lawrence Brose, John Dombrowski, Carmen Einfinger, Jon Hand, Patty Wallace, Peter Babula, Don Brennan, Tony Conrad, So Young Kim, Gary Nickard, Amaresh Sinha, Jam Vafai, Kevin Fix, Steve Gallagher, Lewis Mang, Joel Resnikoff, Rachael Weissman • I Can’t Shut Up—Fritz Bacher • Danny Lyon Film Festival • The Corrosion Show—Terry Klein • Alien Nation—Meridel Rubenstein, Michael Ach & Mark Brady • Rapture—Paul 61 Sharits, world premiere Artist Publications: Thought Objects—Barbara Ess and Glenn Branca • Verbal Landscape/Dinosaur Sat Down—Nathan Lyons • The Cadet Jumps into the Water—Robert C. Morgan.
The Metro Bus Show program is expanded to include installations at Metro Rail subway stations.

Exhibitions: Sharp Rocks—Edgar Heap of Birds (concurrently at UB’s Bethune Gallery) • Jack Goldstein • Eve Laramee • Barbara Ess • Robert Fichter • Ghosts— William Delappa • Bill Lent • The Return, produced by En Foco, curated by Charles Biasiny-Rivera—John Betancourt, Carlos Guzman, Jose Gaztambide, Rafael Ramirez Aviles • New Paintings and Old Photographs— David Schirm • New Work—John Schlesinger • Frank Majore • Biff Henrich • Robert Del Tredici • Kristin Reed • Members’ Exhibition • Spiritual America, curated by Collins and Milazzo—Jane Bauman, Gretchen Bender, Barry Bridgwood, Calvin Brown, David Cabrera, Sarah Charlesworth, Peter Coates, Nancy Dwyer, Michael Corris, Dorit Cypis, David Diao, Lea Douglas, Sarah Drury, Daniel Faust, Diana Formasano, Peter Halley, James Hill, Peter Hopkins, Sara Hornbacher, Mark Innerest, Liz Koury, Jeff Koons, Annette Lemieux, Allan McCollum, Steve Miller, Robert Morgan, Peter Nagy, Joseph Nechvatal, Bonnie Nielson, Anna Oberto, David Reisman, Jim Rodgers, Kay Rosen, Tad Savinar, John Schlesinger, Michael St. John, Lewis Stein, Karen Sylvester, Tyler Turkle, Wallace and Donohue, Robin Weglinski • John Danehy • Tyrone Georgiou • Barbara Lattanzi • Cross Pollination—Carol Chen, Hyunsock Cho, Anne Finger, Amani Fliers, Patricia Gaines, Diane Gamboa, Mary Burns Gronenthal, Cyndi Kahn with Michele Clinton, Susan King, Linda Lopez, Nelvatha, Linda Nishio, Janau Noerdlinger, Susan Ocona, Robin Price, May Sun, Mari Umekubo, Patsi Valdez with Sylvia Delgado, Linda Vallejo, Elfie Winkins-Nacht • Hold—David Gordon • Jack Goldstein • Eve Laramee • At Work in the Fields of the Bomb—Robert Del Tredici • Frank Majore Satellite Exhibitions: From the Inside—Aukram Burton, Mary Jesse Garza, Willie Middlebrook (Artists Gallery) • Photographs—Gail Nicholson (Studio Arena Theatre) • Photographs—Eric Jensen (Campos) • Photographs— Martin Benjamin (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • Landscape/Newscape—John Craig, Sokhi Wagner (New Gallery, Villa Maria College) • Beyond Selling—Claire Lerner-Degre (Campos) • Photographs—John Danehy (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • Images of Ongwehonwe Khaa—curated by Peter Jemison; Dorothy Chocolate, Rick Hill, Tim Johnson, Martin Loft, Victory Masayesva, Jr., Larry McNeil, Brenda Mitton, Jolene Rickard, Carm Little Turtle, Richard Ray Whitman (Second Floor, 700 Main Street) • Sheila Barcik (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) Bus Shows: Pan-a-Kepsi—Phyllis Christopher, Don Trainor • Time Line—Dan Calleri • Still-Frame—Eric Jensen • Masks—Victor Shanchuk, Jr. • In-Dependence—Ways of Identification— Kasper Thomas Linder • Patchwork Pieces—Marion Faller (subway stations) • Experimental Photography…The Extinction of the Guinea Pig—Kristin Reed Visiting Artists: David Schirm • Edgar Heap of Birds • Aukram Burton • Mary Jessie Garza • Barbara Ess • Sokhi Wagner • Collins and Milazzo • Eve Laramee • Peter Jemison • Jack Goldstein • Robert Del Tredici • Robert Fichter Western New York Filmmakers’ Forum: Films from Montreal’s Independent Filmmakers’ Co-op—Peter Sandmark, Tara Workman, Marie Potvin, Richard Raxlen, Anne Sirios, Ray Roth, Mary Ellen Davis • Video from the Upper Mid-West, from UCVideo—Bruce Charlesworth, James Byrne, Deana Kamiel, Helen Demichiel and Laurie Van Wieren, Ken Fiengold, Dan Appleby and Bruce Carlson • Central/ Western New York—curated by John Knecht; Christine Chang, Matt Gilson, Robert Huot, Owen Shapiro, Christopher Palmer, Phyllis Christopher, Donna Kappa, Rachael Weismann, Julie Zando • Broken Treaty and Land Rights—Chris Spotted Eagle • Lawrence Brose, Don Brennan, Michael Hamilton, Jon Hand • Peter Babula, Paul Dickenson, John Dombrowski, Barbara Lattanzi • Bob Doyle and Joan Noir • Jody Lafond • The House—Fritz Bacher, Ed Bak, Tony Conrad, Steve Gallagher, Jody Lafond, Tom Mazur, Fred Mohr, Ellen Spiro, Rachel Weissman Special Programs: War N’ Piece, Where Fools Russian—Pat Oleszko Artist Publications: Sharp Rocks—Edgar Heap of Birds • Simple Conjunctions—Phillip Galgiani.
Initiation of Western New York Filmmakers’ Forum and Perspectives Series. CEPA begins programming exhibitions for Campos, a rental photography lab in Tonowanda, NY. The first CEPA Journal is published.

Exhibitions: Quadrant Series—Drex Brooks • Carol Conde and Karl Beveridge • Scott Rankin • Crocodile Tears—Douglas Huebler • New Paintings—Komar & Melamid • Chris Hill • Marion Faller • Steve Gallagher • How To Read Cards/Future Fictions—Chris Hill • John Danehy and Gary Nickard • Worldview, curated by Daniel Levine—Ericka Beckman, Jennifer Bolande, Ger Van Elk, Peter Fendingo Gunther, Peter Nagy, Richard Prince, Glenn Steiglman, Meyer Vaisman, Oliver Wasow • Machine Language—Paul Berger, John Knecht, Paul Rutkovsky, Leandro Katz • James Welling • Artists and Photographic Installations, curated by David White— Ardon Alger, George Blakely, Lisa Bloomfield, Robert Flynt, Dennis Grady, David Joyce, Susan Kirchman, 60 Michael Lawlor, Susan Smith, Gregory Spade • Image of War—Kill Radius Series—Jack Anderson, Battlefield Panoramas—Deborah Bright, Vietnam—Larr y Burrows, Algeria—John Hull, Military Icons—Cynthia Norton, Hiroshima—Hiromi Tsuchida, plus a collection of German war art from the US Army. Satellite Exhibitions: Still Life, curated by Marvin Heiferman and Diane Keaton (UB) • Local Conventions 1979–1982— Marion Faller (Campos) • The Spectacular Reflection of Commerce—Kathy Sherin, Cathy Shuman, Nancy Thayer, Margaret Wheeler, Gail Nicholson (UB’s Center For Tomorrow) • Robert Bruce Kirton (Campos) • Joan Harrison, Jeanne O’Conner, Ann Lovett (UB’s Bethune Hall) • Testimonial Images from India—Martha Strawn (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • New Work— Nick Culkowski (Studio Arena Theater) Bus Shows: Send $5.00 and Receive Picture of 12-Inch Tool—John Danehy • Robert Flynt • Susan Barnes • Diet TV— Nancy Bless • Fred Ciminelli • Wide Views—Tyrone Georgiou • Buffalo’s Polonia—Sophia Knab Visiting Artists: Duane Michals • Paul Rutkovsky • John Knecht • Lydia Lunch • Notorische Reflexe • Robert Freidus • Marvin Heiferman • Douglas Huebler • Barbara Hammer • John Hull Western New York Filmmakers’ Forum: Peter Babula, Patricia Carreras, Kevin Fix • Don Brennan, Eric Jensen, John Kunz • Nancy and Vernon Norwood, Armin Eurich, Ken Joseph, Brian Springer • Tony Conrad, Tom Corell, Steven Gallagher • Biff Henrich, Paul Sharits • Hollis Frampton • Fritz Bacher, Pete Kautz, Pete Vogt, Peer Bode • Heather Connor, James Hartel Perspectives Series: Politics: Leon Golub, Hans Haacke • Politics: Joseph Beuys, Barbara Kruger • Women: Lucy Lippard, Nancy Spero • Women: Lee Krasner, Martha Rosler Artist Publications: The Milk of Amnesia—Leandro Katz • Gelatin Photographs 1–12— James Welling • Crocodile Tears—Douglas Huebler.
CEPA closes on July 27 for facility improvements and reopens on September 21.

Exhibitions: The Constructed Image—Peter DeLory, Francois Deschamps, Reed Estabrook, Dan Powell, David White • Talking to a Man—Anita David • The Animal—Tony Conrad, Barbara Broughel • Leandro Katz • Gretchen Bender • East Meets West—Tseng Kwong Chi • James Welling • Christy Rupp • Stock Footage—George Legrady • William Wegman • Tim Maul • Gretchen Bender • Wyn Geleynse • Open Space Exhibition—Peter Muscato, Stephen Myers, Brian Oglesbee • Douglas Kahn • Mundy McLaughlin • Tony Conrad • Anita David • Prescriptives—Joyan Saunders • Wyn Geleynse • Bruce Horowitz • Tales of Devotion— Chris Hill • Industrial Photographs: 1900-1979—curated by Biff Henrich • In the Picture of Health: Selections from the Burns Archive • A Group Called Grain: Photography from Japan—curated by Joel Sackett • Setting Up—Bob Burley, Steve Evans, Blake Fitzpatrick • Jim Jipson Satellite Exhibitions: Eric Egas (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • Willyum Rowe, Jed Devine (Bethune Gallery, UB) • Keith Smith (Villa Maria College) • William Wegman (Albright-Knox) • Bruce Horowitz (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • Industrial Photographs: A Survey 1900–1979 (Buffalo Museum of Science) Bus Shows: Subculture— Group Material • Tom Petry • Vikky Alexander • Saving the Eyes of Youth—Steve Gallagher • Fetishism—Felix Gonzalez • Willie Allen • Visiting the Garden—Scott Ward • Of Letters, Numbers and Puzzles—Hideki Yokoo Visiting Artists: Tseng Kwong Chi • Douglas Kahn • Mundy McLaughlin • Jed Devine • Joyan Saunders • George Legrady • Reed Estabrook • Leandro Katz • Willyum Rowe • Tony Conrad • Nan Goldin • F. Stop Fitzgerald • William Wegman • Vicki Goldberg • Keith Smith • Michael Starenko Artist Publications: Stockfootage—George Legrady • Prescriptives—Joyan Saunders • $19.84—William Wegman • The Animal— Tony Conrad, Barbara Boughel.
CEPA begins to program satellite exhibitions throughout the community.

Exhibitions: Creative Perspectives in Photography, curated by Barbara Kruger—Aaron Siskind, Caldecot Chubb, Nancy Rexroth, William Eggleston, Marcia Hafif, Walker Evans, Andre Kertesz, Dorothea Lange, Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Wright Morris, Ed Ruscha, William Christenberry, Alma Lavenson • Lifesaving and Water Saftey—Ann Fessler • David Henry • Traditional Pow Wow Dancer—Jeffery Thomas • History of the American Twentieth Century—Ilene Segalove • Action Landscapes—Scott Rucker • Basic Meaning—Phillip Galgiani • Ballet Series/Interiors—Laurie Simmons • Instant Design/Predetermined Values—Jayce Salloum • Lynette Hamister • Obsession—Vikky Alexander • Mary Ahrendt • Light Pushes—Vahe Guzeliman • Ward Hopper • Men in Media—curated by Carol Squiers • An Inch Away—Nan Goldin • Strip Pictures—Frank Duffy • ADSVMVS-ABSVMVS—Hollis Frampton • Art Rogers • Richard Petry • The Trouble with Water—Barbara Broughel • Jim Pomeroy • Open Space Exhibition— Rafael Goldchain, K.C. Kratt, Melanie Macleannan, Murry Pomerance • Open Space Exhibition—Frank Duffy, Lynette Hamister, Jim Jipson, Mike Morgan, Beverly Nichols • Open Space Exhibition—Hank Dimuzio, Ron Giebert, Nancy Golden, Pat Hayes, Chris Hill, Joan Posluszny, Barbara White • Open Space Exhibition—Sheila Barcik, Barbara Lattanzi, Kirk Mohn, Kathy O’Niel, Timothy Reilly, Samuel Vacanti • Joel-Peter Witkin • Brian Weil • Other People—Patt Blue • Diane Blell • Caves—Eldon Garnet • The Four Seasons & The Greek Myths—Don Rodan Satellite Exhibitions: Charles Steckler (UB’s Center for Tomorrow) • H. Phelps Clawson (Center Theater) Bus Shows: Life, Still—Diane Bertolo • Straight to You—Barbara White • Cooking Tip from the Mystery Chef—Patty Wallace • David Troy • Surveillance—Brian Benedict • In the Absence of Heroes—Jayce Salloum • Strip Pictures—Frank Duffy • …Which Connects—Paul Szp Visiting Artists: Manual (Suzanne Bloom and Ed Hill) • Michael Dlein • Abigail Solomon-Godeau • Hollis Frampton • Nathan Lyons • Marx A. Hrendt • Marvin Heiferman • Ann Fessler • Barbara Kruger • Carol Squires • Jim Welling • Phillip Galgiani • Art Rogers • Lynn Zelavanski • Laurie Simmons • Richard Petry • Art Spiegelman • Francoise Mouly • Patt Blue • Jim Pomeroy • Eldon Garnet • Diane Blell Artist Publications: Basic Meaning—Phillip Galgiani • Simple Conjunctions—Phillip Galgiani • In and Around The House—Laurie Simmons.
Gary Nickard becomes director. Open Space Exhibition Series starts.

Exhibitions: James Casebere • Nic Nicosia • Barbara Kruger • Eric Jensen • Jeffrey Hoone • Volunteer, A Photo Novel—Anne Turyn • Bill Paris • Steve Dennie, Mark McFadden, Phillip Galgiani, Nic Nicosia, Casey Williams • Michael Harvey • Kevin Noble • Jim Leach • Ken Pelka • Michael Smith • Diane Buckler • Recent Work—Sarah Charlesworth • Portraits—Richard Baim • Open Space Exhibition Series; Unseen Light: Contemporary Color Photography Exhibition—Paul Klein, Richard Misrach, Lorie Novak, Arthur Ollman • Daniel Levine • Mauro Altamura • Lisa Bloomfield • Robin Lasser • Marshall Mayer • The Maiden’s Blush—Sylvia Kolbowski • Color Street Photography—Don Chiappineli Bus Shows: Modern Science—Gary Nickard • Wish You Were Here—Eric Jensen • Thomas Payne • Jose Antonia Vasquez • Frank Gimpaya • Sophie Rivera • Union Square Photographers • Carol Beesley • Rosemary De Rosa • Charlie Stiffler • Public Miracles—Samuel Vacanti • The Opposable Thumb—Norma Kassirer Visiting Artists: Sherrie Levine • Nic Nicosia • James Casebere • Les Krims • Barbara Kruger • Mark Johnstone • Catherine Lord • Gary Nickard • Anne Turyn • Steve Dennie • Colin Westebeck • Michael Smith • William Larson • Scott Rucker • Paul Klein • Marion Faller • Mauro Altamura • Jayce Salloum • Jim Sylvia Artist Publications: In The Second Half of the Twentieth Century—James Casebere • Volunteer, A Photo Novel—Anne Turyn.
Exhibitions: Jim Pomeroy (4 x 3 Project) • Pages from Books Unpublished—Charles Schorre • John Baldessari (4 x 3 Project) • Portrait Show—Cindy Sherman, Eileen Cowin, William Coupon, Peter Reiss • Ruth Thorne- Thomsen • Dorothy Handelman • Annual Members’ Exhibition • Jack Butler • Jane Wenger • Jerry Berndt • Steve Halpern • Figures: Forms and Expressions—Jimmy Desana, Peter Glendinning, Yura Adams, Nick Culkowski, Susan Shaw, Jean Vong Bus Shows: Space Bus—David Kulik • From Barbo With Love; White Magic—Tony Billoni • Fat Tuesday—Nick Culkowski • PIX—Jim Sylvia • Strictly Commercial—Peter Sowiski • K.C. Kratt • Becky Koenig • Buffalo Photo Pictorialists • Bruce Posner • L.P. Lundy • Metro Blues—Missy Kennedy Book Reading: Dorothy Handelman Visiting Artists: Jim Pomeroy • Carol Squiers • Charles Biasiny-Rivera • John Baldessari • Jimmy Desana • Ed Earle • Max Kozloff • Dennis Grady • Charles Schorre • John Brumfield • Antonio Mendoza • William Coupon • Jane Wenger • Susan Shaw • Yura Adams • Don Russell • Jerry Berndt • John Gintoff • Peter Glendinning Artist Publications: Close Cropped Tales—John Baldessari.
The first artist publication is produced. CEPA leaves Essex Street in June and in September opens at 700 Main Street (with Hallwalls). Kathy High joins Tom Damrauer and Biff Henrich as co-director. Later in the year Biff Henrich becomes director. The 4 x 3 Project is started. CEPA receives NEA funding to publish a book series.

Exhibitions: Marilyn Bridges • Lucinda Devlin • Larry Williams • Robert Collignon • Model Photography— Bernard Faucon, Pat Place, Laurie Simmons • Richard Prince • David Haxton • Leland Rice • Jennifer Bartlett (4 x 3 Project) • Sandy Skoglund (4 x 3 Project) • Bobbe Besold • Peggy Fox • Brian Hagiwara • Bernard Faucon • Pat Place • Phil Block • Annual Members’ Exhibition— Phyllis Baumann, Robert Collignon, Deborah Culkowski, Nick Culkowski, Tom Damrauer, Donna Jordan Dusel, Wayne Goldstein, Biff Henrich, Terry Higginson, Kathy High, Robert Holland, Joseph Hryvniak, Daniel Levine, Bill Murphy, Gary Nickard, Richard Prince, Scott Rucker, Nina Scioli, David Seman, Kathleen Sherin, James Strach, Jeffrey Thomas • David Haxton • Patricia Carroll • Kenneth Shorr • Buffalo’s Photographic Past–Industrial Photographs: A Survey Bus Shows: Gail & the Dog—Keith Sanborn • I’m Sick of War Pictures—Laurie Neaman • Andy Grundberg • Zeke Berman • In Search of Visions— Jeffery Thomas • Personal Secret—Scott Rucker • Kathy High • Lisa Horlein • Nan Goldin • Sx-70 Show with 59 Xerox • “Hey Mister, Y’all sell TVs?”—Robert Collignon • The Shoe That Became Lava—Louis DeCarlo • Glads—Laurie Robinson • Title-Untitled—David Koenig • Untitled Work—Diane Olsen-Bush Visiting Artists: A.D. Coleman • Laurie Simmons • Lewis Baltz • Phil Block • Richard Prince • Charles Demarais • Alida Fish• Bobbe Besold• Norman Spinrad • Kevin Noble • Andy Grundberg • Zeke Berman • Joel Sternfeld • Joel Levenson • Sandy Skoglund • Leland Rice • Patricia Carroll Artist Publications: Menthol Pictures—Richard Prince Writer in Residence: Fielding Dawson Writers and Poets: Andy Grundberg • Fielding Dawson • Jerome Rothenberg • Marina LaPalma • Hannah Weiner.
Tom Damrauer joins Biff Henrich and Ken Pelka as co-director.

Exhibitions: Tinge/Touch—Ann Rosen • David Kulik • Charles Stainback • Nadar • Colleen Kenyon, Kathleen Kenyon • C.A.P.S. Show—Ellen Carey, Douglas Baz, Eduardo del Valle, Mirta Gomez, Lucinda Devlin, Benno Friedman, Bonnie Gordon, Ani Gonzalez, Colleen Kenyon, Peteris Krumins, Rober t Mapplethorpe, Hiromitsu Morimoto, Charles Stainback, Joy Taylor, Toba Pato Tucker, John Pfahl, Austin Hansen, St. Claire Bourne • Toronto Group Show—Isaac Applebaum, Paul Campbell, Lynne Cohen, Lorne Fromm, Eldon Garnet, Ben Holtzberg, Marianne Knottenbelt, Gar Smith, George Whiteside • Robert Polidori • Peripheral Vision— Wayne Goldstein • Kenneth McGowan • Norine Spurling • Extensions/Combination—Chris Holderness • Lori Novak • Barbara Karant • Problematic Photography Group Show—Hal Fischer, Donna-Lee Phillips, Al Nodal, Myer Hirsch, Gary Greenwood • Sx-70 Group Show— Barbara Astman, Bruce Charlesworth, Helen Morse, Rena Small, Sharon Smith, Harvey Stein • Charles Clough • Joanne Miles • Scott Rucker • Buffalo’s Historic Past – M&T Plaza Show CETA/CEPA Project: Buffalo’s Photographic Past, 5-6 staff positions added Bus Shows: Diane Bush • Jaws—Bonnie Fletcher • Keith Gemerek • Jay Patterson • Amy Gissen • Lisa Hewitt • Peggy Fox • Joann Miles • A Visit to a Modern Tomb—Stephanie Taddeo • Buffalo’s Photographic Past Reading Events: Juan Gonzales • Sara Norat • Russell Edson • Michael Rumaker Visiting Artists: Russell Drisch • Colleen Kenyon • Charles Hagen • Bill Owens • Shelley Rice • Bonnie Gordon • Don Russell • Marcia Resnick • Anne Turyn • Larry Clark • Cindy Sherman • Robert Polidori • William Sylvester • Laura Blacklow • Ann Rosen • John Wood • Ellen Carey • Ed Bowes • Larry Williams • Charles Stainback • Mirta Gomez • Eduardo del Valle • Larry Kida • Carol Edmundson • Donna-Lee Phillips • Valentin Tatransky • Michael Bishop • David Hlynsky • Susan King • Marcia Resnick • Gary Greenwood.
Kevin Noble becomes director. Scott Rucker, Ken Pelka, and Biff Henrich are on staff as co-directors. CETA continues supporting the Portrait of Buffalo project.

Exhibitions: Seven from Syracuse—Phil Block, Lucinda Devlin, David Broda, Richard Laughlin, Doug Whitman, Lynn McMahill, Marion Faller • Photography and the Likes: Seven California Photographers—Hal Fischer, Joann Callis, Leonard Kopren, Suzanne Lacy, Judith Miller, Donna-Lee Phillips, Lew Thomas • Jan Groover • Tyrone Georgiou • Mark Rucker • Phyllis Bauman • Alan Winer • Richard Margolis • Tom Jenkins • Wayne Goldstein • Tom Berg • Ken Pelka • Benefit Show—Michael Bishop, Phil Block, Donald Blumberg, Chris Burke, Ellen Carey, David Chappe, Charles Clough, Tony Conrad, Alex Dan, C. John Davis, Susan Eder, Joe Emery, Peggy Fox, Tyrone Georgiou, Biff Henrich, Terry Higginson, Joe Hyrvniak, Tom Jenkins, Les Krims, David Kulik, Paul Lembourg, Robert Longo, L.P. Lundy, Joan Lyons, Nathan Lyons, John Maggiotto, Richard Margolis, Laurie Neaman, Linda Neaman, Kevin Noble, John O’Hearn, Ken Pelka, Robert Polidori, Ann Rosen, Scott Rucker, Don Russell, Armand Saiia, Ramona Scarpace, Don Scheller, David Seman, Paul Sharits, Norine Spurling, Charles Stainback, Joel Swartz, Anne Turyn, Tina Young • Invisions: An Exhibition of Photography by Student & Faculty of Pennsylvania State University—Ken Graves, Marc Hessel, Gerald Lang, Rich Stoner, Bruce West, Dick Heyler, Elizabeth Kleins, Mary Ellen Mark, Rich Rydell, Mark Forkel, David Balas • CEPA Workshop Exhibition Bus Shows: Art Can Not Help But Be Like Us—Kevin Noble • The Life & Work of Paul Gauguin—Bill Currie • Joe Emery • Charles Clough • John Maggiotto • The Secret Sister—Suzanne Johnson • Swing by Home on Your Next Business Trip— Donna Wyszomiersky • Richard Henderson • Neon Dreams/Highway Schemes—Greg Hannen • Queen for a Day-the Status of Women in the 70s, Five Phases of Womanhood—Ramona Scarpace CETA/CEPA Project: Portrait of Buffalo • Charles Clough • Ken Pelka • David Seman • Ramona Scarpace • Kevin Noble • Marcia Werner Writeratio: David Lunde • Joe Chamberlain • Elaine Rollwagen • Gary Storm Visiting Artists: Hal Fischer • Marion Faller • Colin Greenly • Robert Cumming • Jan Groover • John Brumfield • Anthony Bannon • Richard Margolis • Ed Earle • John Pfahl • Robert Stevens • Mark Goodman • Ben Lifson • Tyrone Georgiou • Joan Lyons.
Robert Muffoletto resigns and CEPA comes close to closing. Pierce Kamke steps forward to become director. CEPA moves to 30 Essex Street, receives major funding through the federal Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA).

Exhibitions: Eternal First Moments—David Geyer • René Magritte • Susan Eder • Ruth Breil • Alan Winer • Charles Swedlund • Oscar Bailey • Judy Rifka • Michael Zwack Bus Shows: Dick Blau • Kathleen Howell • Terry Higginson • Jon Burris • David Seman and Brain Kirkley CETA/CEPA Project: Portrait of Buffalo, 9-15 photographers.
First Metro Bus Shows are installed.

Exhibitions: Paul Albert • Aaron Siskind • Al Katz • Rosalind Kimball Moulton • Nathan Lyons • Tyrone Georgiou • John Wood • Don Blumberg • Lauren Shaw • Ralph Gibson • The Graflex Exhibition Bus Shows: Cindy Sherman and Ellen Carey • Bruce Jackson Visiting Artists: Robert Heineken • Nathan Lyons • Barbara Jo Revelle • Joan Lyons.
CEPA moves to 3230 Main Street near the campus of the State University of New York at Buffalo(UB). The first CEPA Quarterly is published.

Exhibitions: Richard Link • Cindy Sherman • Ellen Carey • Leon Rogers • Michele Panzarella • Michael Korsi • K.R. Fessler • Peter Laytin • Carnival Strippers— Susan Clay Meiselas • Niagara Frontier Photography Exhibition—Ken Rowe, Michael Myers, Barbara Jo Revelle, Joseph Hryvniak, William Staffeld, Thorner Sidney, C. John Davis and others Visiting Artists: Les Krims • Roger Mertin • A.D. Coleman.
February 1, 1974, CEPA opens at 3051 Main Street. Robert Muffoletto becomes founding director. During the summer CEPA moves to 1355 Main Street.

First Public Event: Poetry Reading and Jam Session— Poets: Peter Larry Lundy, Max Wickert, Judy Kerman, Cynthia King/Music: Ron Gordon, Dave Katz, Liz Gallerani

Exhibitions: John Wood • Pierce Kamke • Andy Topolski • Kevin Noble and Philip Malkin First Community Darkroom Project: Leon Rogers Visiting Artists: A.D. Coleman • Nathan Lyons.