Danni Jo Bechtold, Landscape Girls and Worst Word
March 25 - May 9, 2013

Humans are made up of so much more that skin and bones. We are composed of memories, people we’ve spoken to, and Earth we’ve walked. This collection in a celebration of hometowns, starry nights, grassy gardens and all of the places that have shaped the person we are today. Where we come from serves as a precedent for the rest of our life: It’s in our genetic code and engrained deep into our manner of being. You carry your home with you wherever you go. We are an environment walking, a melting pot of wholehearted memories. We are the shape our small town built us to be.

The Focus Gallery

The Focus Gallery was created to highlight the work of extraordinary young people who have a connection to CEPA because of their interest and enthusiasm for photography. They come to CEPA on their own to observe, learn, work, experiment and make photographs.

If you would like to be a sponsor for the Focus Gallery and the creative and dedicated young artists we have here, please contact Lauren@cepagallery.org.