Resident Aliens: CEPA Gallery 2002/2003 Regional Resident Artist:
[ Pat Bacon ]

Outside / In


How can we live in an unpredictable world maintaining autonomy and privacy?
What price are we to pay?
Our society has unquestioning applauded the technology that has advanced our collective vision beyond daylight, beyond building facades and into car interiors. We continue to deny that we share vulnerability, with all humanity in an unpredictable world. A pretentious notion nurtured by popular weeklies, showing ghostly figures huddled in car trunks or contraband visible behind solid walls. These milky images, equating them with signs of safety, power and control have lulled Americans into a false sense of comfort and protection. Why stop to question? The pale objects in shadow and space create a seductive landscape, one that should not be traveled unnoticed.


The CEPA Resident Grant made it possible for me to an X-ray machine as a camera. I wanted to take snapshots of objects in opaque containers and experience the amazement of the process and its connection to the culture of the day. Every object now became a potential model bringing into questions its density and inner structures. I found a veterinarian and technician to work with. The process was similar to composing work blind folded. The first X-rays where magical; mirroring feels I had at viewing my first traditional photos thirty years ago.

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