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When an image is brought into the computer (whether through a scanner, a camera or some other image creation or capture mechanism) it immediately becomes malleable, indistinct and changeable despite its actuality and clarity as a final piece of visual data. Computers change everything.

Digital files are created of binary code, thousands of bits of data arranged in sequence to create colors, sounds, images, objects and experiences. By grouping files and creating interfaces artists begin to re-define the experience of creator and viewer creating artworks which are understood only through variation and interaction.

CEPA's Binary Exposures exhibit was created to present this work, work created for on-screen viewing and interaction, work which by definition defies presentation in a traditional gallery space.

Information on how to submit work for consideration to Binary Exposures, visit CEPA's Call for Work area on this site.

Binary Exposures
is curated by Nathaniel Brockmann and Sue O'Donnell. Mr. Brockmann teaches Computer Art at the University at Buffalo and works as an independent software programmer and interactive designer. Ms. O'Donnell is a freelance designer and has been CEPA Gallery's primary publication designer and webmaster for the past 5 years.
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