Lynn Cazabon (Lewisburg, PA)
My work plays out a failure or inability to represent the self, gender, and sexuality in a stable and unified manner. I see my work as the embodiment of areas between systems of binary oppositions which shape our experience and conception of reality. The works in this exhibition involve a series of processes, video, film, and photography - woven together (literally) to form images which are at first glance abstract but on close inspection reveal a microcosmic world of bodies, still-images which vibrate with movement. The space between these images, the lack of image between frames, becomes a more truthful representation than the hundreds of images themselves.

Lynn Cazabon was born in Detroit, Michigan and currently lives in rural Pennsylvania where she teaches photography at Bucknell University. She is currently working on a site-specific installation for the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, to open in the fall.