Members Exhibition 2007

This year’s juror is Robert Hirsch. For more information on Mr. Hirsch, visit his website at : lightresearch.net

Exhibition Awards recognize those artists who demonstrate an elevated level of artistic maturity and skill in their work.   The winner will receive a solo exhibit of their work in the 2007/08 exhibition year.  To be considered, artists must submit 10 slides or images on CD, a slide script, an artist statement, and an artist resume with their Members Show artwork submission.  This facet of the Members Exhibition is open to all artists.  It is an option and does not affect regular submissions to the exhibit. 

Colleen Cunningham Colleen Cunningham

It is no secret that contemporary society is heavily affected by the media. We are bombarded with images of heroes, role models, deviants and enemies in every aspect of our lives from television and movies to magazines and art. We internalize the examples we are given and choose to either emulate or reject them. The internal conflict that this process creates involves political, emotional, moral and aesthetic questions. I am interested in this conflict and the intersections of the projected personae in our collective conscious and how we attempt to mirror various components of the examples we are given. Superheroes, angels, soldiers, pin-ups and many other familiar icons from past and present converge in my work. I use these recognizable characters to form hybrids that reflect the humor, comfort, confusion and anger that arises when we mix and match role models to create our own patchwork of ideals.
Keith Johnson


Re: Man(ufactured) Space started in 2004 began as a response to the construction in Boston and New Haven; the places I work and live. I am interested in the way that we claim, construct and create space in the pursuit of development. I am attracted to the intermediate stages of projects where the end is not in sight but the form is beginning to show. We do some marvelously goofy things trying to get stuff right. My job seems to be to observe and report. I have photographed the social landscape for 30 years now and I think I am beginning to understand the landscape, the sociology and the beauty of a work in progress.

Keith Johnson


Curtis Erlinger Cara Fuller
Liz Lee Quisha Ma
Sue O'Donnell