Members Exhibition 2010

Members' Exhibition 2010

February 6 - March 20, 2010
Juror: Sandra Q. Firmin, Curator, UB Art Galleries

All Openings Saturday, February 6 from 7-10 p.m.
free and open to the public

This year's juror is Sandra Q. Firmin, Curator, University at Buffalo Art Galleries. Sandra Q. Firmin has been Curator of the UB Art Gallery since 2003. She holds a M.A. from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College (2002) and was awarded a Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative Fellowship at Arcadia University Art Gallery (2002). She is currently working on a retrospective of the works of Allan D'Arcangelo and a ten-year survey exhibition of the first ten years of Artpark's laboratory-like summer residency program in Lewiston, New York.


This year CEPA will continue its tradition of awarding 2 EXHIBITION AWARDS.  EXHIBITION AWARDS recognize those artists who demonstrate an elevated level of artistic maturity and skill in their work.   The winners will receive a solo exhibit of their work in the 2010/11 exhibition year.  To be considered for an EXHIBITION AWARD artists must submit 10 slides or images on CD, a slide script, an artist statement, and an artist resume with their Members' Show artwork submission.  This facet of the Members' Exhibition is open to all artists.  It is an option and does not affect regular submissions to the exhibit.  Other awards including "Best In Show" will also be awarded.

Richard Nesbitt
Colored Fields
in the Passageway Gallery

2009 Exhibition Award Winner, Richard Nesbitt, Untitled, Archival Inkjet, 2009

Richard Nesbitt is one of the most unique artists involved in Autistic Services art program. Non-verbal and deaf, he communicates through sign language and written notes. Through his work, he displays a natural ability and a sophisticated understanding of composition, color theory and the use of space. The true intention of his work is unknown and so far Richard has not expressed why he works in the manner that he does, which adds another level of interest and wonder for the observer. What is understood is that Richard fully immerses himself in his work and has built an extensive portfolio of oil pastel color-field drawings. The pieces vary in size from rather small to extremely large, including one project on paper that stretches over two hundred feet in length. This is a great achievement for a person who refused to even walk into the art room when the program began back in 2002.

Since the art program incorporated photography in 2006, Ricky has been able to shift his focus and represent his drawings in a brand new visual context. He has begun to place his personal collection of plastic animals on his color fields and photograph them, transforming his two dimensional drawings into vibrant landscapes that envelope his toys and create a surrealist backdrop for his serene and ambiguous wildlife narratives. Using a tripod and RCA jacks, his camera is plugged into a television to give Ricky a larger screen to view and create his compositions. These works have become increasingly popular at all of ASI's group exhibitions.

Jan Nagle
in the FLUX Gallery

2009 Exhibition Award Winner, Jan Nagle, from Homespun, hand processed 8mm film still

4-channel video installation with sound and still photographs

Jax Deluca
Power Struggle
in the Window on Main Street

Jax Deluca, from Power Struggle, 2010

Power Struggle is an audio-controlled light and video installation with over 300 colored bulbs contained within an oversized white and furry monolithic box. The light configuration, which is controlled by a droning sound piece, appears strained, emits a fluctuating glow in the shape of a heart.