Paul’s work uses scale and illusion to establish scenarios that, along with the viewer's perception, complete micro-narratives.  His video and installations shown in the CEPA Window space reveal the creation of artificial realities.

In one work, a kite floats in a pool of water beneath an artificial sky. As the image of the sky reflects back toward the viewer, a delicate kite superimposes itself into the scene. The second marquee shows a night sky hovering above a similar pool. In this case the moon’s reflection is juxtaposed on an abalone shell below the water’s surface appearing like a pearl inside the shell.  These works are complimented by a video showing a floating concrete block.  Birds fly across the screen as the block appears to skate across a glasslike pool; its reflection is cast just below.

These intimate spaces simultaneously convey ideas of hope and poignant impossibility resulting in a sense of betrayal. The tension that results from this dialectical relationship sets up a dystopic scenario and ultimately creates a framework for a viewer experience of empathic understanding.
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