Young Photographers
The Second Annual Exhibition of photographs from
CEPA’s Education programs
April 28 - June 2, 2001

CEPA Gallery is pleased to announce Young Photographers: Selections from CEPA’s Education Programs. This year the exhibition will include photographs taken by students from Charles Finney High School, Grover Cleveland High School, School 71, School 45 and School 28. Work will be on display in the Passage Way Gallery from April 28 through June 2, 2001.

The exhibition features photographs by Charles Finney High School students from their photography class at CEPA Gallery. Grover Cleveland high school students will present work from an autobiographical project called What’s Your Story and School 71 students will be showing work from a family tree project, a newspaper projectcalled Keepin’ it Real and a video project called Poetry in Motion. Self Portraits by fifth grade students at School 45 will also be on display in addition to photographs taken by students from School 28.

CEPA’s Education Program is committed to providing meaningful educational experiences for children, and is dedicated to delivering innovative programs for youth that have significance to their lives, heritage, and future.