Lawrence Brose, besides being the executive director of CEPA Gallery, is also an internationally exhibited filmmaker and digital printmaker. In a new exhibition at Visual Studies Workshop Gallery, 31 Prince St., Rochester, Brose is presenting two installations, one a souped-up version of a show the artist had at the Albright-Knox Gallery a few years ago. This fresh installation will include prints extracted from his multi-imaged film "De Profundis," a radical contemporary take on Oscar Wilde's gay aesthetics. A DVD showing of the film is backed by eight speakers to handle the film's complex overlays of sound that accompany the onslaught of wildly manipulated images.

The second installation is a U.S. premiere of a work originally commissioned by Guggenheim SoHo in New York City and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art for "Rollyrollyover," a big show on John Cage's work. Brose calls it, "CAGE: A Filmic Circus on Metaphors on Vision." It consists of five video monitors screening five hourlong tapes with images selected using Cage's instructions. It is accompanied by three simultaneous sound recordings of the live performances at the original exhibition.

"I was even surprised how faithful it turned out to be to Cage's ideas," Brose said about the installation. The artist will give a talk at Visual Studies from 6 to 7 p.m. April 21.

Brose is joined by an installation by Chris Burnett, the new Visual Studies director. "Messages to Extinct Places in the Present Tense" is a series of word-image prints, LED message board programs and computer animations that takes as its background industrial landscapes, Rust Belt towns and extinct animals.

The installations remain on view through May 15. For information call (585) 442-8676.

- Richard Huntington